“Alice negotiated a substantial pair of contracts for me contemporaneously – a departure agreement from one employer and a new executive comp agreement with another, while they fought between themselves over the terms of their own settlement. Throughout the process Alice was accessible and extremely responsive to my legal needs. She took the time to understand the industry/business needs to better serve and advise me from a legal standpoint.”

D.P.R. (CEO of a major retailer).

“You were wonderful to me. The most down to earth person I talked to. You came right out and helped me. One of a kind as far as I’m concerned.”

M.K. (pension issue).

“When it comes to Pennsylvania and a more knowledgeable attorney, you are it.”

G.A. (referring attorney)

“You’ve been a blessing to me this year. I want you to know that.”

M.W. (exit strategy)

“Let me take a moment to say thank you again. I really don’t know what I would have done without you. There were some dark days in there and knowing I had you on my side got me through it. I’ll never forget the help you gave. God bless you. “


“Alice, you are one of the smartest women that I have had the opportunity to work with!”