Some Notable Cases and Press

Litigation Experience

I have resolved hundreds of cases through arbitration, mediation, and negotiated or litigated settlements.  My federal and state trial experience includes two class actions among individual cases tried to verdict, and 20 cases in the federal appeals courts, most of them as lead counsel.

Dougherty v. School District of Philadelphia, E.D. Pa. Civil Action No 2:12-cv-01001 (co-counsel with Lisa Mathewson), First Amendment whistleblower case on behalf of School District’s business manager. Verdict for the plaintiff, May 2015

Stories about whistleblower case: Dougherty v. School District of Philadelphia

Agre v. Wolf, E.D. Pa. Civil Action No. 17-4392 (co-counsel with Tom Geoghegan, Brian Gordon, Lisa Mathewson, and others), federal challenge to Pennsylvania’s gerrymandered Congressional districts, substantially contributing to state court victory in League of Women Voters v. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which resulted in the party reversal of four Congressional seats.

Stories about Pennsylvania gerrymandering case

Stepnowski and Webster v. Hercules Corporation and Pension Plan of Hercules, Inc, E.D. Pa. Civil Action Nos. 04-2296 and 05-6404 (co-counsel with Robert LaRocca and Joshua Snyder), ERISA class action alleging unlawful reduction of the pension benefits of roughly 2200 Hercules retirees, resolved through court-approved $18 million settlement on behalf of the class.

Masterson v. LaBrum and Doak, 876 F. Supp. 1224 (E.D. Pa. 1993), sex discrimination case alleging unfair pay and failure to promote an associate attorney to partnership status. In a rare example of such a remedy, the court ordered defendant law firm to promote the plaintiff to partnership.

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