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We do entertain referrals from attorneys.  We negotiate referral fees, when appropriate, on a case-by-case basis.

Local Counsel and Co-Counsel:

We handle employment-related class and collective actions, including discrimination, ERISA, and wage and hour cases, on a local counsel and co-counsel basis where appropriate.

Services for Attorneys:

We work with attorneys on employment-related matters:

  • developing case theories and strategy
  • drafting briefs and presenting argument in state and federal appeals
  • providing representation in attorney fee petitions

We negotiate fees for such services on a case-by-case basis.

Background and Accomplishments

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Notable Cases:

Agre v. Wolf, 2018 WL 351603 (E.D. Pa 2017), currently on appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. This is a federal challenge to the Pennsylvania Congressional map under Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution.

Francis X. Dougherty v. School District of Philadelphia et al., E.D. Pa. Civil Action No. 2:12-cv-1001 (co-counsel with Lisa A. Mathewson): action under the First Amendment resulting in a well-publicized verdict in whistleblower’s favor (see: IN THE NEWS)

Derek Leap et al. v. Hikaru et al., E.D. Pa., Civil Action No.2:14-cv-03650: collective and class action on behalf restaurant servers for tip pool wage theft (co-counsel with Jeffrey Goldman), resulting in a settlement for full value of claims for opt-ins and settled amount for remaining class members.

Miller v. CIGNA Corp., 47 F. 3d 586 (3d Cir. 1995) (en banc), age discrimination case that established the burden of proof in an individual claim as a “determinative factor,” not the “sole cause,” of the discrimination.

Masterson v. LaBrum and Doak, 876 F. Supp. 1224 (E.D. Pa. 1993), sex discrimination case of failure to promote, which was the first time a court ordered a law firm to promote an associate to partnership as a remedy for employment discrimination.

Stepnowski and Webster v. Hercules Corporation and Pension Plan of Hercules, Inc, E.D. Pa. Civil Action Nos. 04-2296 and 05-6404 (co-counsel with Robert LaRocca and Joshua Snyder), ERISA class action alleging unlawful reduction of the pension benefits of roughly 2200 Hercules retirees, resolved through court-approved $18 million settlement on behalf of the class.

David Lewis (and six others) v. City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission Case Number 200505979 (co-counsel with Arthur Bugay and Norman Matlock), group action challenging a City practice that automatically disqualified any firefighter applicant who was over the age of 40; after administrative proceeding, agency ruled in the firefighters’ favor, City declined to appeal, and the complainants are now working successfully as firefighters.

Dickerson, et al., v. U.S. Steel, et al., 439 F. Supp. 55 (E.D. Pa 1977); 582 F.2d 827 (3d Cir. 1978); 472 F. Supp. 1304 (E.D. Pa. 1978), class action alleging race discrimination in various employment practices; after a 94-day trial with a verdict in plaintiffs’ favor and an interlocutory appeal on a collateral issue, the case resolved through mediated settlement.

Professional and CLE Presentations (Selected Listings)

June 2017 National Employment Lawyers Association 28th Annual Convention: Because “Cause” Matters: Causation Under Federal & State Employment Discrimination Laws

June 2016 National Employment Lawyers Association 27th Annual Convention: Report on the Final Publication of ALI’s of the Law, Employment Law

December 2015 American Law Institute CLE: Employment Law: Essentials and Best Practices

November 2015 ABA Section of Labor and Employment 9th Annual Convention: McDonnell-Douglas: Benefit for Employee-Plaintiffs in Summary Judgment Practice

June 2014 National Employment Lawyers Association 25th Annual Convention: “The New Restatement of Employment Law: Its Strengths, Weaknesses, and Ambiguities” (plenary session) (repeated in June, 2016)

April 2014 Pennsylvania Bar Institute: Employment Law Institute: Title VII Milestones, 1964-2014

June 2013 Pennsylvania Bar Institute:  Litigating Employment Discrimination Claims: “The Year in Review”

June 2013 National Employment Lawyers Association 24th Annual Convention: “Bias 2.0 and Summary Judgment” (plenary session)

 October 2012 National Employment Lawyers Association Regional Conference: “Appellate Decisions on the Mental Processes of Discrimination – Finding Room for Implicit Bias as a Factor in Causation”

June 2012 National Employment Lawyers Association 23rd Annual Convention: “The Ties That Bind: Offensive and Defensive Navigation through Restrictive Covenants” (moderator)

November 2010 National Employment Lawyers Association Webinar: “Overcoming Problem Doctrines in Summary Judgment Litigation”

June 2010 National Employment Lawyers Association 21st Annual Convention: “Summary Judgment: Some Problem Doctrines”

October 2009 National Employment Lawyers Association Regional Conference: “Surviving Summary Judgment in Employment Litigation”

 July 2008 National Employment Lawyers Association 19th Annual Convention: “Hip-Pocket Cases for Every Employment Lawyer”

April 2008 Pennsylvania Bar Institute: Employment Law Institute: Attacking Mandatory Arbitration Programs

December 2007 Pennsylvania Bar Institute:  Litigating Employment Discrimination Claims: “The Year in Review”

November 2007 ABA Labor and Employment Law Section Continuing Legal Education Conference Panelist: Voir Dire and Jury Selection

June 2007 Eastern District of Pennsylvania 2007 Federal Bench Bar Conference Panelist: “The Third Circuit’s Model Civil Jury Instructions and Their Impact on Charging Conferences”

December 2005 Pennsylvania Bar Institute:  Litigating Employment Discrimination Claims: “The Year in Review”

June 2004 National Employment Lawyers Association 15th Annual Convention: “Avoiding Legal Malpractice for the Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyer”

December 2003 Pennsylvania Bar Institute:  Litigating Employment Discrimination claims: “The Year in Review”

December 2002 Pennsylvania Bar Institute: “Workplace Investigation of Sexual Harassment Claims”

June 2002 National Employment Lawyers’ Association 13th Annual Convention: “Cross-Examination: the Building Blocks of Your Closing Speech”

February 2002 National Association of Women Lawyers’ Mid-Year Meeting: “Gender Bias in Law Firms – Where Are We Now?”

September 2001 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service 23rd Arbitration Symposium: “Employee Relations After Circuit City

August 2001 American Bar Association Annual Meeting Section of Labor and Employment Law: “Deposition Techniques That Work”

May 2001 Georgetown University Law Center Continuing Legal Education Employment Law and Litigation Institute: “Summary Judgment: A Tool for Plaintiffs”

June 2000 National Employment Lawyers Association 11th Annual Convention: “Effective Appellate Advocacy”

May 2000 Minnesota State Bar Association 17th Annual Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute:  “The Plaintiff Stars Speak: Strategies for Avoiding Summary Judgment and Preparing for Trial”

October 1999 Third Circuit Judicial Conference Panelist: “Judges and Lawyers: What We Expect From Each Other”